photo of Dawn PedersenHowdy! I’m Dawn Pedersen. I like to make artwork inspired by the inner life of animals and other organisms.

I have been a lifelong artist, and a lifelong animal lover as well. There aren’t very many art techniques I haven’t tried, or animals I don’t think are adorable. Yes, I even adore spiders.

One of my passions is wildlife conservation. My artwork usually centers on animals, plants, and microorganisms. The intimate life and personality of the living being is the focus, not merely employed as a decoration or as a human story-telling device.

I’d like viewers to have a conversation with my artwork about their own place in the natural world. How different are we really from a lion, an octopus, or a sequoia? How do the social relationships and problem-solving activities in other living beings compare to our own? I want viewers to be able to see the intentionality, the individuality, in the eyes and postures of my subjects. My ongoing challenge for the future is to find new ways to provoke curiosity and empathy about other kinds of lives.

I earned a bachelor of arts in studio art (emphasis on drawing and painting) from CSU Sacramento in 1998. I followed that up with a teaching credential in art, an MA in education, and an AS in biology.

I live in California with my husband, our young son, and our rotten but lovable tuxedo cat Meowse.