"Onyx Tells You Your Future But Sometimes He Lies" original mixed media painting by Dawn Pedersen

I photographed this crow named Onyx at Dino Day at Sierra Colege. He lives at Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, where he has been blind since birth. Crows are wonderful every day, but this artwork is Halloween themed in color. I imaged Onyx as a seer who is also a bit of a trickster.

I began with a large Blick Premiere hot press watercolor block. I drew Onyx in pencil and then inked him with a Micron pen. I added lots of water to Intense blocks and create big paint washes in a spiral pattern. I added some purple washes of Inktense to show where the shadows fall on the bird’s body. I hit the brightest spots with white paint and let him dry.

Then I dove back in with my black Micron pen, hatching darkness and texture throughout. I paid particular attention to each individual feather below his neck. Finally, I built layers of pattern and texture throughout the background with my Posca paint pens.

Video and work-in-progress photos below.


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