What kind of photo works best for a pet portrait?

These simple steps will drastically improve your source photos for a portrait:

  • get down to your pet’s level, rather than photographing from above
  • get up close, so your pet’s body (or head and neck) fill the frame
  • your pet’s eye should be open, well-lit and sparkling
  • take the photo in natural lighting, that is, outside or by a window
  • try to avoid using digital zoom
  • a “burst mode” sequence of shots can work well when your pet is in motion
  • take lots of photos, to improve your chances of getting a few really great ones
  • the best pet photos show off your pet’s unique personality,¬†interesting poses, or other quirky behavior
  • send me the highest-resolution photo you can

Got it. What do I need to upload when I order?

I require only one good quality photo of your pet, but for best results, send me 5-10 to select from. Additional photos also help me see certain details better, such as eye color and coat texture.

Also,¬†upload photos of your pet’s favorite toys or other objects if you wish me to include them in your painting.