making art

Watercolor swatches

I didn’t do any drawing or painting today, but I made some swatch sheets of my tube watercolors. These include artist colors from Winsor Newton, M. Graham, and Daniel Smith. The round lazy-susan style palette is from Robax.

By Dawn Pedersen, ago

Dholes in watercolor and ink

D is for Dhole. Dholes are a canid (dog) species that live in Asia. They hunt in packs during the day and dine mainly on hoofed mammals. The pups always eat first. At last estimate, there were fewer than 2,500 adults left in the wild. Watercolor, ink, and paint pen on hot press cotton paper, 8″ x 10″.

By Dawn Pedersen, ago

Dhole, work in progress

Work in progress on Dholes. I saw a documentary on these wild doggies of India tonight, and they are freaking adorable. These two are hunting as part of a pack of 8. Initial sketch on left. 8″ x 10″ ink outline on right, ready for the first watercolor wash tomorrow.

By Dawn Pedersen, ago