“Larry the Llama” ink painting

Larry the Llama lives at Bravo Farms in Traver, CA. He will come to you if you have llama feed from the little coin-operated dispenser. He does not want you to pet him or even talk to him. In fact, he was even spitting at a couple of the kind souls who were feeding him. I love his llamatude anyway.

I began with Blick Premiere hot press watercolor block. I used plastic triangles glued and taped together to form an 8″ x 8″ square. I drew around the shape to create my image boundaries, using an 08 Micron pen, which is waterproof ink. Then, using my own photo reference of Larry, I drew in the main contour lines using a mechanical pencil.

After the pencil lines, I inked in the outlines using a Micron brush pen, which is also waterproof. I erased the pencil marks and Larry was ready to be painted!

Then it was time for the first wash on colored ink using Inktense blocks by Derwent. First, I made puddles of Inktense color in a teal, a bright green, and a yellow-green. I taped off the image boundaries with pink painter’s tape to keep the outside ink-free. Then I worked wet-on-dry onto the paper with my squirrel mop brush, starting with the lightest color and working toward the darkest. I let the very damp colors bleed into each other.

Videos and work-in-progress photos below.


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